Monday, March 31, 2008

SPOTTED: Thomas from the Red Riders waiting by some traffic lights post-V Festival. Looked like a hipster six year old on a sugar high. Made conversation like a hipster six year old on a sugar high (it was about robots). Tried to stalk further, but dropped sunglasses and was swept away in a sea of people.
P.S. Sorry for the Bridget Jonesesque "I'm-too-busy-to-write-sentences-with-subjects-because-I-am-so-busy-tone" but I am.
SPOTTED: Expatriate on Friday Night Oxford St wearing jackets that were like my date; too short and cheap. Played own song on the video jukebox and proceeded to stomp feet and flail limbs inconsideratly. Someone should probably buy their album.
P.S. Photos will be developed soon.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

So So Modern are so so amazing

I f***ing love these guys.
They play an insane tripped out synthed up kind of punk music. Its hard to describe - its chaos and confusion and I love it. Better still they're Kiwis. I don't know about any other radio stations in Aus but Tune played the hell out of their track 'upgrade your chasis' late last year. They've toured Europe, The UK and The States and had some sweet support slots so it's about time they spacejumped across the Tasman and scared Aussie audiences. I figured they might be one of those bands who just never see the point of touring here when they have success elsewhere [which is understandable] but I was WRONG.

Yes Yes... We are looking at the end of the year.. next summer. If you have any great ideas let us know!!! Any good festivals we should know about?


clip:Loose threads and theremins

>>>So So Modern Myspace

Thursday, March 27, 2008

ahahahahahaha LAME!

Just found the best game ever! If you find Heather Mills and Paul McCartney's divorce anywhere near as amusing as I do then check it out here!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

rate flank0w

Crystal Castles album is like out... though, like, everyone would know that unless they've been sleeping under a rock...or,like, you know having one dropped on their head....?

Some be your own PET

You're welcome.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

cLIP O' tHE wEEK yO!

I am currently going through a renewed obsession with Zach Condon aka Beirut. I blame him being on Sunday Arts on the ABC on the weekend [yes i watch that show and download the vodcasts getoveritrofl]

Ben Sherman is love.

Just came across >> these << awesome Ben Sherman brand Ivy League Records shirts and I am in love...
Don't know about anyone else but I am now in desperate want of one. just thought I'd share...

Feature album review; The Silents - Things To Learn


Some bands have the ability to grab your attention from the get go, seemingly with little to no effort. Perth based indie four piece, The Silents are one such band.

From the first time I heard their debut EP, Flicker and Flames, I was hooked. Their raw garage rock resonance teamed with their somewhat psychedelic sounding lyrics and 90’s indie pop tendencies made them difficult to ignore.

Almost two years later and The Silents are set to release their debut full length album, Things To Learn and I for one could not be more excited.

The album is a perfect example of everything The Silents are and offer. This strong collection of well written and produced songs is one of the best Australian debuts of its kind to be released in a long time.

Stand out tracks include previous EP released numbers, ‘Nightcrawl’ and ‘23’ and current single, ‘Little Girl Lost’ as well as ‘Ophelia’, ‘Generation Space’ and the title track, ‘Things To Learn’.

The Silents are a band well worth keeping an ear out for. In their short time together they’ve released two successful EP’s one amazing album and toured extensively including support slots alongside the likes of Maximo Park, The Vines, You Am I and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Where they’ll go next is anyone’s guess but there’s no denying wherever it is, it’ll be great. The Silents are Oz legends in the making and are quickly becoming one of my favourite bands to boot. So get out there and buy their album, Things To Learn (out March 29 through Ivy League Records). Chances are - You’re going to love it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Patrick Wolf eh?

More like GABRIEL Wolf + diehard fangirls!

cliP oF thE weeK!! #3

In memory of Michael Tapper (don't stress he's not dead, he just left the band...) and We Are Scientists old sound.



London based UK group Cajun Dance Party are set to release their debut full length album, A Colourful Life on the 28th of next month which I think is ridiculously exciting in itself but I found out yesterday that they plan on releasing their follow-up in October of this year as well...
Two Cajun albums in one year!!!

I give you all permission to rejoice...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Feature Album Review - Adam Green; Sixes and Sevens


There is something endlessly captivating about indie crooner, Adam Green. He never ceases to surprise and delight me. His refreshingly individual take on pop gives me hope for the future of music. How could it not?

Green has everything I could possibly want from a singer/songwriter - wit, humour, honesty, intellect and a raw and an untamed talent entirely untarnished by modern culture.

His fifth solo album and latest effort, Sixes and Sevens was released March 8th through Remote Control. I have to say I’d been waiting to hear this record for quite some time and anticipation can be a killer but I’m happy to report, I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

Sixes and Sevens is full of Green’s signature quirky sound and distinctive baritone voice coupled with a certain maturity and focus that’s been somewhat lacking in albums passed.

It seems Green has more then perfected the art of concise song writing, squeezing an impressive 20 tracks onto the album. None of which can be accused of being fillers.

The stand out tracks amongst those 20 include the bluesy first single, ‘Morning After Midnight’ (whose accompanying film clip is well worth looking up) as well as ‘Tropical Island’, ‘Twee Twee Dee’, ‘Broadcast Beach’, ‘Homelife’, and ‘Be My Man’.

Green can turn a phrase in a way which is both pleasing to the ear and the intellect. He’s an old soul with future vision and I for one will never lose interest in seeing what’s next for this incredible musician.

It’s difficult to say who exactly an album such as this would appeal to. There’s really no one else like Green at the moment. But if the idea of something a little different, a little challenging and a lot addictive sounds at all tempting then give Sixes and Sevens a spin, what could it hurt?

Thursday, March 13, 2008

come with me, come with me we'll travel to... glastonbury?

A fertility clinic in Europe is offering guys free tickets to any music festival in europe in exchange for a cup of their manjuice. sperm for tickets is piloting the offer to a younger age group than usual donors as demand is outstripping supply.

"We are hoping to reach a wider market through these techniques"

jack off in exchange for a ticket to say roskilde, all tomorrows parties, oxegen or even glastonbury?

dude seriously.

Splendours coming up soon....are there any aussie clinics that need any eggs harvested?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

For me to be saved & you to be brave we don't have to walk down that aisle

Blake Sennet & Winona Ryder are apparently engaged! I am kind of morally conflicted by this, because ol' five fingers is notorious for killing careers, but think of the heartache for Jenny Lewis! And the inevitable divorce! And the harsh media spotlight! And that, my friends, will be the making of a beautiful record.
Mazel tov!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Rihanna: Coolest Pop Star In The World? Ever?

Article #1: Ed Banger Tee
Article #2: Performing live. With The Klaxons.
Jus' sayin'

Feature Album Review - The Phoenix Foundation: Happy Ending


New Zealand is often recognised for generating a diverse range of quirky music. Wellington based six piece, The Phoenix Foundation clearly aren’t in any hurry to dispel this well worn stereotype. At least not if their new album, Happy Ending, is anything to go by.

Happy Ending is the third full length release from these much loved indie darlings and is undoubtedly the brightest so far, full of the kind of colour and light great pop songs are born from.

The album as a whole is a lusciously produced experience, one I have to say I find myself easily lost within.

My standout tracks would have to include ‘Bleaching Sun’, the overtly catchy ‘40 Years’, ‘Irrelevant Noise’ and ‘Burning Wreck’ but none of them manage to surpass the beautiful opening track, ‘Bright Grey’. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard such a beguiling start to an album.

‘Bright Grey’ is positive and cynical, true and tortured, it exists and it breathes. Where there is music there is life and I have to say I love that.

I’m not sure if it’s just me but I always feel a sense of history while listening to The Phoenix Foundation. Their songs are always full of little musical sign posts, the likes of which can lead you to many interesting places if followed accordingly.

It’s more then simply wearing their musical influences on their sleeves. It’s an entire culture. It’s obvious music runs deep in their creative veins. They love it as much as their listeners and it’s difficult not to get caught up in something like that.

Happy Ending is the kind of album which can put a smile on your face. It may come with it’s fair share of flaws but then again what doesn’t. If you’re looking for something relatable that also has the ability to brighten up your day then giving The Phoenix Foundation a chance is advisable.