Sunday, March 30, 2008

So So Modern are so so amazing

I f***ing love these guys.
They play an insane tripped out synthed up kind of punk music. Its hard to describe - its chaos and confusion and I love it. Better still they're Kiwis. I don't know about any other radio stations in Aus but Tune played the hell out of their track 'upgrade your chasis' late last year. They've toured Europe, The UK and The States and had some sweet support slots so it's about time they spacejumped across the Tasman and scared Aussie audiences. I figured they might be one of those bands who just never see the point of touring here when they have success elsewhere [which is understandable] but I was WRONG.

Yes Yes... We are looking at the end of the year.. next summer. If you have any great ideas let us know!!! Any good festivals we should know about?


clip:Loose threads and theremins

>>>So So Modern Myspace

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