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Feature Album Review - Cajun Dance Party: The Colourful Life

Every now and then a new band comes along who capture your imagination and heart in equal measure. Every time you hear them you get a little thrill and you just know you’re going to love whatever they do next.

At the moment that band for me is the ever lovely London based five piece, Cajun Dance Party. They released 2 singles last year both of which I feel head over heels for from the first listen. And now, finally, they’re releasing their debut album, The Colourful Life.

As most people are aware there is an unofficial rule that when you anticipate greatness there’s always a chance you’re going to be disappointed. Thankfully my blind trust in Cajun Dance Party to release an amazing debut was not in vain.

The standouts include previous singles, ‘The Next Untouchable’, ‘Amylase’ and ‘The Race’ as well as the ‘The Firework’, ‘Buttercup’ and the beautifully melancholy ‘Time Falls’.

The Colourful Life is everything I hoped it to be - vibrant, fun, memorable and inspired. All of which is made just that little bit more impressive by one simple fact. Cajun Dance Party is made up of a group of 18 year olds.

These truly talented teens give me more hope for the future of music then almost any other band on the scene today. Their fresh, optimistic and somewhat naïve approach to music is already leading them to amazing places.

Not only are they releasing their debut this month they also have plans to release their sophomore album later in the year after they’ve finished high school. Which is, if nothing else, inspiringly ambitious.

Cajun Dance Party are without a doubt a band to watch for. They’re already proving their worth and it’s still early days. These kids could go anywhere and chances are they will. So give The Colourful Life a listen. It’ll make a fantastic addition to any indie lovers music collection.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

this place is a ghost town


Introducing....the Homecoming radio script I wrote that was too offensive for broadcasting. I don't know? Thoughts?



























Monday, April 21, 2008


For those who aren't aware, this blog [and the amazing group we represent] are planning to hold an event in the second week of next term at the uni bar at New England Uni [where most of our bloggers are from]. The date [as you most likely know] is Thursday May 8. Our purpose is to basically provide a "scene" or place for those after something slightly different in a night out in the 'dale. If you're familiar with Sydney Indie club nights like Purple Sneakers then you may have a better idea of what we're trying to do. Our DJs aren't pros, they're a bunch of awesome people with amazing taste in music and we're also extremely fortunate enough to have The Seabellies play for us [and do a dj set if we're lucky], this band is probably familiar to anyone in the loop with the Aus music scene, they won a nationwide competition last year which resulted in them playing the first ever Australian V Festival. I guess they're kind of a cross between Dappled Cities and Arcade Fire if you were to make comparisions... but ultimtaely they're an amazing and unique group, listen to their music on myspace its quite beautiful.
Homecoming is one night only so don't hold back, it will be amazing.
Oh and the name? A few names were thrown around but Homecoming was unanimously decided upon. Aside from the obvious connotations it is a great song by The Teenagers [which you'll no doubt hear on the night]. There is a small cost of $5 and every patron through the door gets entered in a comp to be drawn before the 'bellies hit the stage to win a stack of new CDs and some other cool stuff. Doors open 8pm and its 18+. Hope to see you there xxx
P.S. Feel free to use any of the images we've made for Homecoming [or make your own if you want!!!] and tell your friends.

Feature Album Review - Tapes 'n Tapes: Walk It Off

Tapes ‘N Tapes 2006 debut album, The Loon, was condemned by many for lacking in originality and depth. Now, a couple of years on, the Minneapolis boys have just released their sophomore album, Walk It Off, and I have a feeling this is the record that will have all those non-believers out there seriously rethinking their position.

Walk It Off is one of the more eclectic albums I’ve heard of late. There doesn’t seem to be a distinguishable pattern or progression to follow but for reasons unknown and best left unquestioned, the album doesn’t suffer for it one bit.

One of the things I find most charming about this album is its somewhat raw and organic sound. A quality I’m attributing to the addition of Dave Fridmann (ex Mercury Rev bassist) as producer. His low-fi approach to the project works far more effectively then I could ever have imagined.

The only real criticism I can offer of Walk It Off is the track listing. If I were listing to this one vinyl I have a feeling I’d only ever really be inclined to give side A a spin.

All of the real stand outs appear on the first half of the album - “Le Ruse’, ‘Time Of Songs’, the wonderfully distorted ‘Headshock’ and the even more wonderfully distorted but more up-tempo ‘Conquest’.

Tapes ‘N Tapes may have received there fair share of flack in the past but they also, justifiably, have a loyal and dedicated fan following. Neither The Loon nor Walk It Off were perfect albums but they both hold an amazing amount of charm and likeability, the kind which leaves the perfect amount of room for improvement.

It’s clear to me that Tapes ‘N Tapes best days are yet to come. And I for one am more then happy to tag along for the undoubtedly interesting ride.

If you’re a fan of unpolished indie rock, the kind that grows and breaths making for a listening experience then Walk It Off is definitely an album worth your time.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Q: How many indie kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Haven't you heard that joke?

I have that joke on vinyl....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don't know if you've heard but...

Apparently Bob Dylan has just finished writing a 40 page childrens story entitled Forever Young...
It's release is set for early October.
Not to sure what gems of wisdom Dylan has to impart on the younger generation but i'm intrigued to find out.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 17...

Happy Day of Birth...
Maynard James Keenan, Phil Jamieson, Pete Shelley, Sean Bean ,Henry Ian Cusick, Liz Phair, Jennifer Garner, Victoria "posh spice" Beckham, Nick Hornby, Redman, Afrika Bambaataa & millions more...
R.I.P Linda McCartney

Feature Album Review - Young Knives: Superabundance


London based indie popsters, Young Knives have recently released their sophomore LP, Superabundance through Warner Records.

The results of which are everything you’d expect from an up and coming indie group on the scene today. Recorded in Scotland and produced by Tony Doogan, Superabundance is a fantastic follow-up by any standards.

The album is an eclectic mix of pulse racing dance floor fillers as well as more mellow reflective tracks. On first listen it’s easy to get swept up in the novelty and newness of fresh Young Knives material but the more I play it the more I find myself falling love with the album as a whole. Complete and separate from their debut.

The stand out tracks include singles, ‘Terra Firma’, ‘Up All Night’ and the sweepingly melodic ‘Turn Tail’ as well as ‘I Can Hardly See Them’, ‘Dyed In The Wool’ and the deceivingly addictive ‘Mummy Light The Fire’.

While I’m definitely a fan of Superabundance, it seems, on occasion, as if Young Knives are still struggling to find their proverbial feet, shifting back and forth between cutting social commentary and light-hearted quirk. The album is at times missing that ever important common thread which should run through from beginning to end making the album an entity unto itself.

Despite some unavoidable shortcomings, Young Knives have achieved a great deal in their time together. They have two fantastic full length albums as well as a handful of EP’s and singles. And they’ve toured extensively including support slots alongside the likes of Hot Hot Heat, The Futureheads, Dirty Pretty Things and The Rakes.

If you’re yet to discover Young Knives then Superabundance is as good a place as any to become acquainted. If nothing else it’s an easily enjoyable album which holds the promise of great things to come from this likable little three piece.

In Defence Of Indie Boys

Normally, I would not take an a attack on "indie boys" as a personal one, because I believe myself to be above such trivial things...fuck it, who are we kidding? I love arguing. Especially when I'm right. Which is all the time. And as the token "Indie Boy" I feel obligated to defend the title, even though I am way to hip to ever really consider myself any such thing.

I frequently use the term postmodern as an adjective, noun and verb. I read T.S. Eliot when I'm depressed and the most labour I have ever done for money is withdraw it from my trust fund personally. I judge merit of character by people's music tastes and only watch films directed by Gus Van Sant. I fit into my sister's jeans (she's a model) and I'm goddamn proud of it.

The cultural revoloution of the 20th Century has given us the freedom to do whatever the fuck we whenever the hell we want to. Society has progressed to the point where the concept of gender roles is deemed trite and irrelevant. Third Wave Feminism and Post Gay culture has heightened emphasis on the discursive power and fundamental ambiguity inherent in gender terms and categories. Women are no longer expected to conform to the rigid standards of conventional beauty, and men no longer have to participate in (homoerotic) body building contests to prove how macho and virle they are.

Patrick Wolf is the posterboy for a whole subculture of men who are tired of the preconceived abstraction of masculinity, and are comfortable enough with their sexuality to wear gold hotpants. He is not so insecure that he can only express him self through base, "traditional" symbols of masculinty (killin' shit), and can instead write a song about his love for another human being without feeling like a "pussy."

But whatever, I don't have time for this. I have a hair appointment at 11, and I still have to find something to wear.



As a matter of preference 2

I was thinking, for the non-indie kid, something more along the lines of this fat metal kid:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

As a matter of preference


Indie Boys are Ghey

First of all, this is not an attack of the indie genre of music, the majority is not to my taste, but each to their own.

I have noticed that there a severe lack of men in indie music anymore. Instead we have boys. Indie boys. There is nothing manly about these "males" at all. They stand ill nourished in their tight jeans, tight bright coloured t-shirts (usually pink. ooooo, intimidating) and designer hair cuts. They all look exactly the same but still sit there saying "being indie allows me to express myself as an individual." They know all about, and follow, all the latest trends in fashion and music and celebrity gossip, yet still have the nerve to call themselves non-conformists. It is clear by looking at any indie guy that their balls are yet to drop, and by the looks of most of them, probably never will.

These boys have no idea what men are, and would shit themselves if they ever spoke to someone with underarm hair. I will safely bet none of them have ever done a day of hard labor. The closest any of them would have gotten to sweat is from their hourly masturbating to their own reflection.

Now, I am not a shovanist guy, at all. But I take pride in expressing my masculinity in more traditional ways, such as leaving prettiness, glamour, beauty and the like to the other sex. They are better at it. But I am seeing too many indie boys trying to tell us "I'm so manly I can wear pink neon vests." F*#k off! Men are hairy, lumpy, fat and ugly. We reek of B.O. and are proud. It is what separates us from women.

Take the perfect example, Patrick Wolf.

Now, I have watched the blog below titled Continuation of the love of Ms. Patrick Wolf. To Lesley (who tried to argue against me on several different occasions), no, this boy is not beautiful. He is not
a man. You were right in that he would never have B.O., this is because he is yet to develop any form of testosterone.

This is a guy who has nothing going for him in terms of masculinity. A scrawny, punsey little dweeb who has serious gender issues. This concert is not a musical performance but a strip show. Where is the talent? If all you need to draw a crowd is to take off your clothes then I have been seriously lied to. What would happen to real musicians and performers with actual talent and who actually think about their performance technique get their fans by stripping down if they were to follow this lead? What would happen if Kerry King decided he would help his performance by stripping down? I dont think he would have the same respect he has obtained in the music industry (although it is amusing to consider).

Where is the masculinity? I am seeing pleanty of femininity, but nothing that suggests he has any pubes.

Wolf boy is no better then Kylie or Paris Hilton, using their feminine essence and lack of modesty to attract their audience. Where is the imagination? Where is the talent? Where is the f*#king credibility? I am seeing none.

Don't get me wrong, there are pleanty of indie bands with tones of talent. The Strokes are a great example. A bunch of butt ugly guys getting an audience due to song writing ability alone. I think Patrick wolf and The Wombats should take some tips from The Strokes. (Slayer would be better, but hey, you can't have it all.)

In conclusion, indie boys are ghey.


Continuation of the love of Mr. Patrick Wolf

how many times can you watch it?



You feel like you wanna change your life today...

"CSS announce today that bass player Ira Trevisan has left the group for personal reasons. CSS drummer Adriano will take over the bass duties, and live the band will work with a session drummer (a friend of the band) from now on. The band said "It will be feroche!

Talking about her departure from the band Ira said "I decided to move forward and dedicate more of my time to fashion and other projects. Just a big change of priorities, as I will never stop playing music. I am also a bit worried about climate change. People should care more and do something about it. I decided to fly less. CSS will always be in my heart. They said goodbye to their bass player, but they won a new life time fan. In health and sickness, in happiness and so forth. Blah blah blah, so help us God. "

Yeah, that's the actual press release.

Monday, April 14, 2008

waste of time?

Spent almost an entire day watching The Cure film clips.
I'm sure i have no life...

Ok, right, Ok...right

Ok so everyone knows that Azaria from The Follow is going out with one of them Veronicas chicks [Trash even blogged about them a week or so ago]
BUT I only just found out KJ aka Kara Jane, the petite bassist of The Follow is 'romantically linked' with...wait for it...Craig Nichols from The Vines. Apparently the pair met on new years eve and hit off blah blah blah you know the story...
thats one massive WTF. I love both bands but I would NOT have seen this coming...
Seriously, he's even written a song about her.
'Kara Jane' - The Vines

is everything about this boy shiny!?

Don't mean to brag....

Ok. That's a lie...
...was listening to The Strokes today reminiscing
about the time i kissed this fine specimen of Strokes-hood. Le Major Sigh....

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Due to some issues, HOMECOMING will not likely be held at Tatts anymore... we may however be holding it at The Stro on the thursday with the potential possibility of having a band as well, it's a bigger venue with better sound but the problem will be being able to fill it...we will possibly only utilise half the space but it will still be an awesome night if all goes well. If we do get the band we may need to charge a $5 entry fee so as to pay for the band [which will possibly be The Seabellies who are rate flank0w] more developments tba

Jared Followill

enough said

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I made you a mixtape

I can't think of a more romantic gesture than making someone a mixtape.
Sorting through your record collection for several albums to use, sitting by the stereo cross-legged going through the liner notes of one of CDs, scanning through the lyrics of a song while it plays in the get caught up in some random memory of when you first heard that song or what you were thinking the day you bought that record and almost forget to press pause on the tape deck as the song ends. You carefully fold back up the sleeve and put it back in the case and get the CD out of the player and pick up the next one and put it in and press play. A whole new set of song-stimulated memories ensue...You really hope whoever you're making it for likes it because these songs aren't just any songs, they're bits of who you are packaged nicely in 3 or so minutes of soft guitars and dreamy melodies... that and you've just spent the last hour making it so they better be fucking grateful regardless.
Its almost so pathetic you want to vomit.
Anyway lets you make mixtapes online, kind of... it's not the same experience but i'm still in love with it and more importantly it doesn't carry the lame stigma old school mixtaperey does [yet].
Here I made one for you, but that doesn't mean I love you or any of that. Just that I'm really bored.

Friday, April 11, 2008

RANDOMISM with Julia Wilson [Comedian]

Which do you prefer; top bunk or bottom bunk?
Bottom... I like a quick escape.
When was the last time you bought new socks?
I'm an hibitual sock stealer, I haven't bought socks for years and years. I have 'acquired' some really cool pairs this year though. Thank you casual sex gods.
Who would you rather see as prime minister; a chain smoking goanna or a turtle with a bowtie?
I reckon the chain smoking goanna and I would have a ton to chat about. CSG 4 PM.
What would you rather bathe in - orange juice or Dr Pepper?
Orange juice would sting in all the wrong places... I'll lock in Dr Pepper thanks Eddie.
What’s the name of that guy that does that thing, where does he live and how do you know him?
His name is Henry and while he lives in America, he tours as much as I do. I know him because he always makes me laugh and think which are two of my favourite things.
If you had to eat a dog or a cat what would it be and how would you cook it?
I'm a dog person, so I'd eat cat. I'd skin it first (to find out where that bloody saying came from) then I'd eat it with some fava beans and a nice chianti.
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Purple monkey dishwasher.

Julia Wilson will be performing at the Armidale Club on Friday 2nd of May. Tickets are $10 available from her website

Thursday, April 10, 2008


I Feel Stupid & Contagious...

Converse is continuing it's trend of using your (dead)counter-culture-heroes-as-marketing-tools by releasing limited edition Chuck Taylors that come scrawled with Nirvana lyrics.
Well, at least by killing himself, Kurt Cobain put an end to that unseemly commercial exploitation thing that he was always rambling on about ...

Albion Solutions?

The lovely Mr. Peter Doherty has recently made a crime mystery film. It basically revolves around the dissapearance of a chicken shaped glass bong. It's probably one of the funniest things I've seen all year. Freakin' brilliant!

also willing to take bets as to when Pete gets out of Jail... His sentence is meant to last 14 weeks. I'm assuming he'll be out within a fortnight...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Feature Album Review - Cut Copy: In Ghost Colours


It’s been quite a while between releases for Melbourne based indie-synth-electro popsters, Cut Copy. But in that time they’ve built up an international reputation as some of the best in the business. Having toured with the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and Daft Punk, winning hearts all the while.

Now with the eventual release of their sophomore album, In Ghost Colours, after a delay with the Australian release in order to coincide with the international one, things seem more promising then ever before. The boys are set to spend the rest of ‘08 touring, promoting and just generally spreading the Cut Copy love.

And if the new album itself is anything to go by then they should have a fairly easy time of it. In Ghost Colours picks up where their debut left off with an electro 80’s vibe that’s more then a little addictive. Although, this time around they’ve added something extra, something I can only think to describe as depth.

The new album is just as fun and easy to listen to as the last but there’s an added level of emotion and integrity which gives it a definite edge. Making for a stronger and more relatable sound.

I think the real standout for me would have to be the incredible opener, ’Feel The Love’ which somehow reminds me of an early Dappled Cities, way back when they were still “fly”. Other tracks worth mentioning include the two singles so far, ‘Lights and Music’ and ‘So Haunted’ as well as ‘Out There On The Ice’, ‘Unforgettable Season’ and ‘Strangers In The Wind’.

Cut Copy’s, In Ghost Colours is a rare kind of album. The kind which has the ability to appeal to almost all indie lovers out there. Whether you’re a fan of the ever growing electro phenomenon or prefer more traditionally structured pop songs then you‘re sure to find something to suit. It’s the kind of record that is both instant and a grower. It’s out now through Modular. I definitely recommend checking it out for yourself.

be your own CENSOR

Okay so placid is probably not the word you would use to describe Jemina. Aggressive? Maybe. Belligerent? Occasionally. Intimidating? Most definetly! But violent?
So what if she threatened to drown you in a bog, smash cake in your six year olds face, take your money, steal away your virginity, break all your limbs... Whatever. With Universal including acts like Marylin Manson & Eminem on it's roster it seems a little overzealous to have tracks about playful school yard knife fights cut from the U.S. release. But I guess this contrasting use of principals is discernable considering "artists" like Akon needs gun slingin' street cred to sell records, while bands like be your own PET can shift units based on pure talent.

be your own PET - Becky

You're welcome.

Monday, April 7, 2008

This is music related... right?


(other than listening to music)

1. Use the back as a mirror so you can drop clear-eyes onto your eyeballs (so your mum can't tell you've been smoking pot) without seriously damaging your retinas.

2. Replacement Ninja Stars: Not as sharp, or aerodynamic, but they still pack a punch.

3. Use as a makeshift slide for your guitar so you can bust out your best Harry Manx moves at a party and finally get laid.

4. Use as a pretend mini camera so you can blend in with a crowd of Asian tourists when your on the run from security at Australia Zoo.

5. Use as a bribe for your 6 year old cousin to stop crying after you reverse over he guinea pig with a panel van.


Remember that night when you were 16 and you mixed Cottees Cordial Powder with Vodka to make "punch," danced promiscuously with your ex-boyfriends' best friend, went back to the son of the Mayor's house and threw up in their kitty litter? No? Whatever. This is the soundtrack to that.

Gameboy/Gamegirl - Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp

Golden Ghetto Sex EP is out now

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Year Indie Rock Broke

I can't look at this photo without thinking of the Azaria who was a contestant on Popstars (ironic, I know) during the 90's, the Azaria who was at first praised for his individualism and eventually cut down by it's double edged sword. He was the first person in the mainstream media I felt I could identify with, and showed me that it was okay to be the loner kid who listened to "wierd" bands.
So will I hold The Follow in contempt now that they are in the public eye? No. I will not disown them if they find success or a new legion of fans via association, because good music deserves to reach a huge audience, no matter how disingenuous that audience is.
But will I cry myself to sleep at night, thinking of him with her? Goddamn right I will. Because he was mine, goddamnit.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Yeah that festival what we went to in March...

So it's like been nearly a month since Playground Weekender and I still haven't written anything or posted any pictures etc. I WILL post some of my better pictures but I shall be scant on words because I'm kind of lazy and shit at reviewing gigs [imo] so enjoy...

I Heart Hiroshima [they played lungs omg]

Dappled Cities [love x infinity]

Ben Lee [we stayed for 2 songs, didnt have anything else to do]

Cocorosie [Not sure what Sierra was wearing but much love for these girls]

The Wombats [this is when I ran out of money to buy drinks]

Local stage thing was my favourite place in the world and/or festival grounds [didnt take any good pics of these guys sorry]:
Cloud Control
The Holidays
Belles Will Ring
Cassette Kids
The Jezabels

Also saw Bluejuice [Too much Vitriol LOL], Ian Brown [lost the F.E.A.R replaced it with S.H.I.T] Maximo Park [applied pressure, was an acrobat]... I'm sure there was more...can't remember...

I'll mention these guys too coz I was so so cut at missing their sets for various reasons [mostly clashes] though I've seen TDF a few times but still....
The Lovetones
John Steel Singers
The Devoted Few

Friday, April 4, 2008

Give In Give In

All of us here at tune adore our band merch and I know I've already done a 'Tune Approved Merch' post this week but The Holidays t'shirt is just too good not to mention. Teegs, Celia and I only just saw The Holidays play at Playground Weekender last month and we saw these shirts but were unable to buy them due to funding issues but it's basically all we've been able to think of since. So if you want to check out these fantastic shirts then head on over to their myspace >> here <<
Argh! wants one sooo much!
*falls over*

yeah, uhuh. indeed.

In fact I think i'm going to go buy one right now!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


As you all already know We Are Scientists, Brain Thrust Mastery is this weeks feature album on Tune!fm.
So in honor of the amazing-ness that is W.A.S I thought I'd check what interesting merch I could find for myself in order to celebrate.
And while there were many options, including pocket squares, tote bags, badges and underwear(?), my fav item by far would have to be a wristband with the inscription WWWASD? which stands for what would We Are Scientists do?
A question I find myself constantly asking in any given situation. So if you feel the need for some W.A.S guidance then by all mean check out these amazing wristbands >> here <<

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Total ROFL fest. Gotta love Adam Green. Oh yeah this is clip of the week.

Feature Album Review - We Are Scientists: Brain Thrust Mastery


Having released an incredible debut LP with, With Love And Squalor it was always going to be a trial for We Are Scientists to come up with a follow up which could top it.

Since the release of their new album, Brain Thrust Mastery I’ve given up on the idea of them being able to “top it” and resigned myself to the fact that the once distinctive We Are Scientists ‘sound’ is no more.

It’s difficult to say what brought about this change in the two years between releases but the one obvious difference is the loss of drummer, Michael Tapper. The abrupt change in style could be due to his absence or his absence could have been because of the style change. At the moment it’s really just a matter for the chicken vs. egg court.

Despite any initial disappointments I may have felt upon hearing Brain Thrust Mastery I can’t seem to help but be drawn into it’s many charms and favours. Even without the addition of Tapper the boys from Brooklyn have a certain quirky appeal which set them apart from the others.

Remaining members Keith Murray and Chris Cain’s new found appreciation for the 80’s does not go unnoticed with many tracks having a distinctively Duran Duran-esque vibe. Including current single ‘After Hours’, which has managed to stake it’s claim as one of the albums highlights.

Other noteworthy tracks include the addictive opener, ‘Ghouls’ as well as ‘Lets See It’, ‘Impatience’, ‘Spoken For’ and ‘That’s What Counts’.

During an American tour last year Murray and Cain were seen to be taking the stage before each set, testing out their stand-up comedy routine. It’s antics like this which guarantee We Are Scientists remain one of the more interesting bands on the indie scene. Their wit and humour keeping them from fading into obscurity.

If you’re already a WAS fan then by all means check out Brain Thrust Mastery but be sure to keep an open mind. I promise you it won’t be what you expect.