Thursday, May 29, 2008

Feature Album Review - Snowman; The Horse, The Rat and The Swan

It was two years ago now that Perth based indie four piece, Snowman infected our airwaves and CD players with their self titled debut full length release. Their quirky, disjointed and often confusing sound has understandably been the source of much interest.

Snowman are set to release their sophomore record, The Horse, The Rat And The Swan on the 24th of this month, through Remote Control Records.

The album as a whole is a fast paced, highly energetic trip into a nearly unidentifiable world. If you’re into convention then Snowman probably aren’t the band you’ve been waiting for.

The standout tracks include ‘We Are The Plague’, ‘The Gods Of The Upper House’, ‘She is Turning Into You’ and Daniel Was a Timebomb’. The last of which has a distinctively punk-esque edge to it. I’m not talking the pale imitation ’pop-punk’ that we hear so much of these days but the kind worth your time - early Clash/Sex Pistols/Buzzcocks type punk.

In general The Horse, The Rat And The Swan is not my kind of album. At least not the kind I can picture myself feeling the need to listen to on a regular basis but despite that I still find myself quite intrigued by the whole production.

There is something oddly engaging about a record that has the ability to create a sort of noise opera from the very depths of their songs. Snowman defy normality and embrace originality. Definitely a band you’ve got to hear to understand

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