Friday, October 3, 2008


After two years Melbourne based indie-rock four piece, the Vandas are back and they bring with them their first full length release aptly titled, Slow Burn.

It's the kind of album that warms with time, becoming familiar and comfortable. And unlike their previous EP's, In The Morning and Didn't Come Here To Be Alone, Slow Burn has a definitive rock sound. Leaving out the country and pop sensibilities that were such a staple of their former sound.

The result is a mature and winning record that works well to showcase what exactly The Vandas are all about and gives a definite feeling that they haven't quite completed the journey which will lead them to where they want to be.

I mean that in the most positive of senses. It's not so much that they're not at the top of their game it's just that they've left room to continue to evolve and grow.

Listening to Slow Burn is an honest and rewarding experience. It's difficult not to be overwhelmed with the feeling that here's a band who are clearly loving what they're doing and are going to continue to surprise and entertain.

The standout tracks include the first single 'Know it All' as well as ''Warm At Night', 'Three Steps Ahead', 'See Me 'Round' and the title track, 'Slow Burn'.

If you''ve yet to hear the familiar comfort of The Vandas sound then I'd more then recommend giving Slow Burn a spin. The album as a whole has a distinctively 70's rock sound but with a modern edge. Not for the electro fans amongst us but if you're looking for a band that you just know would sound even better with the warm crackle that vinyl brings then The Vandas are definitely your best bet.


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