Friday, June 27, 2008

Feature Album Review - Mystery Jets; Twenty One

So few bands take the time to grow and evolve from album to album. Once they find a formula that works they stick with it. At least while it’s still gaining them money and attention. These are the kind of bands who never seem to get very far in their careers, their audiences soon losing interesting and moving onto a new, fresher sounding group.

One such band who understand the importance of change and the dangers of becoming stagnant are London based indie four piece, Mystery Jets.

Mystery Jets 2006 debut album, Making Dens was a quirky individual and often confusing album. It was by no means perfect but it was definitely an attention grabber. The kind of record that makes people stop and listen. Anticipation levels instantly peaked for the follow up.

Now, two years later, the Jets are finally set to release that follow up with Twenty One. The album is everything you’d expect from their sophomore effort while at the same time being an utter shock.

Twenty One is everything Making Dens was not. It’s polished, planned and downright poppy. The band have grown up somewhat since their earlier efforts. They’re still finding their niche but for the most part they’re getting it sorted. Their influences are obviously many and varied but that eclectic mix more then works for them.

The stand out tracks include both singles so far, ‘Young Love’ and ‘Two Doors Down’ as well as ‘Half In Love With Elizabeth’, ‘First To Know’ and the ever addictive ‘Hand Me Down’

If you’re a prior fan of Mystery Jets then you’ll love the album as long as you come to it with an open mind. They’re not the band they once were but I think that’s a credit to them. If you’re new to their work then you should have no troubles emerging yourself in this fun and memorable album. Whether you’re looking for something to dance around the living room to or a simple chill out album then you’re bound to find something which suits here. So give Twenty One a spin. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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