Monday, June 23, 2008

I feel it, I felt it.

Yeahh that totally is Tom Felton aka the guy who plays Draco Malfoy [from the movie adaptions of J.K Rowlings Harry Potter series] aka this guy:

What you just 'experienced' was his musical project 'feltbeats', one of 3 videos he posted on youtube earlier this year showing off a few original compositions.
The 20 year old, who in his spare time also enjoys carp fishing; could be the next Jamie T [whether you see that as a good or bad thing is up to you] if these vids are anything to go by.
The songs are available for purchase on itunes, and with fans who write things like;

"i love how he is soooo hot! and the way he sings and smiles! HE IS SO HOT!!! "

you know its going to sell, no matter how shite you think it is. [SEE: below comment from one music critic]
"Your lyrics are fucking awful, go back to acting...actually don't even do that, just go away.."

Though in all honesty, I'll be first to admit give an alright looking guy a guitar and they suddenly become hotter, haha


Trashionista said...

Oh wow. I better put my wand away.

asha-niketan said...

ha ha. you now how he has Andy McKee as his inspiration, i have found out why, he does a rad instrumental piece which is pretty cool.. but OMG ROFL at the songs with lyrics..

*actually rofling now at thought of it*

tegaN said...

jamie t quality lyrics but suprisingly better guitar playing, and also slightly better looking than jamie t. still a chav though.

Anonymous said...


tegaN said...

errr a chav is essentially the english equivalent of a bogan you bogan

Lucien said...

the graphics on his myspace site are as bad as the lyrics

tegaN said...

nathan-all-round-critic ftw!