Monday, August 25, 2008


Released in stores across Australia this coming Friday, July 19, …AND THEN TOMORROW CAME (VOL.1), is Melbourne duo Muph and Plutonic’s outstanding third album. In the two years since ‘Silence the Sirens’ was released, it appears that Australian Hip Hop legends, Muph and Plutonic,

have focused on refining and once again re-defining their unique presence in the Australian Hip Hop scene, presenting an album so rich in content it stands in a league of its own.

Each of the albums 13 tracks represent realistically honest accounts of the influences, emotions, situations and experiences that have shaped and molded their life journey. The albums opening track, ‘The Damn Truth’, sets the atmosphere and clearly portrays the albums underlying message of representing the truth, beginning with oneself. This message is backed up in the tracks And Then Tomorrow Came, Today, and Size of the Soul. The confronting reality of the effects of personal self-destruction is expressed in the raw and frankly honest lyrics in Yesterday’s Basement and Beautiful Ugly.

The beautiful vocals of Jess Harlen accompany Beautiful Ugly, Show Me Your Face and Don’t Worry About Nothin’, and it is clear to the listener that the guest artists have been chosen carefully to accompany the lyrics, with live saxophones, trumpet and guitar adding a unique textual element to the mandatory hip hop sound of vinyl scratching and synthesized sounds.

AND THEN TOMORROW CAME takes us on a 13 track journey through the eyes of Muph and Plutonic, leading to the very fitting concluding track ‘Don’t Worry About Nothin’. With strong and elevating lyrics- Lift ya feet up, put your foot down/ Hold ya head high, try not to look down/ Take a deep breath release push out…on this tracks conclusion there is only one reaction necessary- press play and begin the Muph and Plutonic journey again!!

Muph & Plutonic will commence their national AND THEN TOMORROW CAME tour in August, with shows running through until October. Tour dates and ticket details are available on the websites listed below. Signed copies of the album can be pre-ordered through the Muph & Plutonic website for a limited time. All tracks were produced, recorded and mixed by Plutonic Lab, with all cuts by DJ Bonez. Distributed by Obese Records


Janice Teitzel

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