Monday, August 25, 2008


The Vines were one of the biggest buzz bands on the planet in 2002 with the release of their phenomenal debut album, Highly Evolved. It seemed there wasn't a teenager in the country who couldn't sing you the chorus of their hit single, ‘Get Free’.

Its been six years, three studio albums, several line-up changes, one medical diagnosis and countless mind altering performances but The Vines are one band that have proved the buzz doesn't always have to be short lived.

Despite any difficulties and negativity the band have suffered over the years, frontman Craig Nicholls is still one of the coolest people in rock for one simple reason. He has the ability to write an 'album'. Some people may see this as a weakness and in some cases it may be. After all what's the point in being able to create 40 plus minutes of aurally pleasing psychosis if the songs don't work as well individually?

Personally that's what I find most appealing about The Vines back catalogue. There's just something incredible about a band who can only really be appreciated in full.

The newest album, Melodia is no exception. As always I became highly skeptical about this release after hearing the first single to be lifted from the album, 'He's a Rocker'. The song just didn't grab me but when it's included within the context of the album as a whole I can't help but like it.

While I still maintain the album should be judged as a whole, If I had to choose stand out tracks then I couldn't go past the brilliant opener 'Get Out' as well as 'Autumn Shade III', 'Orange Amber', 'True as The Night' ' Scream' and 'She Is Gone'.

If you're already a Vines convert then you won't have any issues with new album but if you're new to their sound then Melodia might not be the best place to start but by all means give it a go.

Lesley Rickman

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