Monday, October 13, 2008


Atmospheric, innovative and emotional. Brisbane based, Tom Cooney’s uniquely addictive tunes live and breathe at the heart of all these things.

This young and accomplished folk artist is fast becoming the one to watch in the Oz music scene. After quitting his job and focusing solely on his music career two years ago Cooney has achieved an extraordinary amount. The release of a mini album Hold Me Down, live performances including appearances at Homebake and Splendour in the grass as well as supports slots with the likes of Fionn Regan and M. Ward and the continuing reinvention of self made record label, El Nino El Nino which he shares with two of his closest friends.

But the most substantial and exciting accomplishment is the final release of his debut full length album, Presque Vu. The results of which are near hauntingly beautiful collection of songs which leave the listener certain in the knowledge that by merely listening to these tracks they are becoming part of something bother larger and contradicting more intimate then themselves.

The album is full of honest simplicity. The calmingly serene melodies take hold from the first instance, their appeal frightingly fierce.

The stand out tracks include ‘Mountains In The Sky’, Giulia’, ‘Beneath The Wheel’, ‘The Rivers The Same’ and the memorably spare closer ‘Silence’.

Tom Cooney’s acoustic genius would no doubt appeal to fans of artists such as Fionn Regan, Sondre Lerche, I Am Kloot and Ryan Adams. Presque Vu is an album the likes of which have not necessarily been missing from the Australian scene of late but are definitely leaning towards the rare side. Cooney has managed to debut with a record that not only manages to showcase his abilities as a songwriter in a smart and accessible way but also cements him as someone to watch for. This is only the beginning of what’s sure to be an incredible journey and I for one am looking forward to tagging along for the ride.

BY Lesley Rickman