Friday, February 1, 2008

I stand corrected

Well,,,here it is; the very first post on this so called "blogspot" though it seems more of a "blogSQUARE" if anyone were to ask my professional opinion, and by professional opinion i mean not.
Anyway one may be wondering about the purpose of this page is and why Australia's oldest youth broadcaster Tune!FM has decided to delve into the blogworld,,,its actually quite simple and can thus be divided into two main reasons.
The FIRST being that blogs such as this are far more efficient and accessible to a wider audience than just a website and provides for more input and feedback than said website. The idea is for everyone and anyone at tune; whether they be an oldtimer or newcomer to be able to contribute their thoughts,ideas,musical opinions etc to this entity whenever they want without the restrictions of websites [particularly ours] at their own leisure.
The SECOND reason is that our website [] is...for lack of a better word...FUCKED.
SO, I hope this will be the first of many posts from the ecclectic mix of people who form the Tune family.
Oh and for those who havent made the connection already 'onezerosixnine' is simply the FM frequency we broadcast on,,,ENJOY

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Lesley said...

hooray first post!
nice work, btw. the page looks grrrreat!