Saturday, February 9, 2008

london//quieten down I need to make a sound

So...the results of the poll were inconclusive...concluding that a conculsion was inconclusive,,,we can only conclude that a. people are indecisive and b. web polls are a pointless exercise except in pointing out people's indecision in coming to a conclusion.
Thirdly, da da da da da...RAZORBLADES galangalangalang. Purple haze etc etc.
Unfortunately this is not one of those 'drunken musical rants', or even a 'musical rant', or to simply title this a 'rant' would be somewhat of a LIE.
secondly, these are a few things we have learnt today. [we being; Lesley,Celia and myself who for the purposes of this exercise shall be known as Meredith] {note:actual name appears at end of blog}
To begin with;
1.The Panda Band need to return to Australia; we realise this after extensive listening.
2 [or 'two']. Sims can (and will) take up your whole day.
FREE. there are NEVER enough vegie chips
4. Celia sucks at crackerbox tennis whilst Lesley is undeniably ruler of the world at said game.
5ive. Bamboo banging just isnt the same without Asha.
6 [pick up sticks]. Lesley lies,Celia is infact the best crackerbox tennis player and is indeed a far better storyteller, 'matchstickmen' coming to a bookstore near you soon.
9.all i wanna do is *bang* *bang* *bang* bang*
10.I'm pretty good at wasting time that doesn't always belong to me.

ELEVEN! the end//bye.

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