Saturday, April 12, 2008

I made you a mixtape

I can't think of a more romantic gesture than making someone a mixtape.
Sorting through your record collection for several albums to use, sitting by the stereo cross-legged going through the liner notes of one of CDs, scanning through the lyrics of a song while it plays in the get caught up in some random memory of when you first heard that song or what you were thinking the day you bought that record and almost forget to press pause on the tape deck as the song ends. You carefully fold back up the sleeve and put it back in the case and get the CD out of the player and pick up the next one and put it in and press play. A whole new set of song-stimulated memories ensue...You really hope whoever you're making it for likes it because these songs aren't just any songs, they're bits of who you are packaged nicely in 3 or so minutes of soft guitars and dreamy melodies... that and you've just spent the last hour making it so they better be fucking grateful regardless.
Its almost so pathetic you want to vomit.
Anyway lets you make mixtapes online, kind of... it's not the same experience but i'm still in love with it and more importantly it doesn't carry the lame stigma old school mixtaperey does [yet].
Here I made one for you, but that doesn't mean I love you or any of that. Just that I'm really bored.


tegaN said...

awww haha

Trashionista said...

Can I download it somehow? I haven't figure it out yet. DAMN YOU TECHNOLOGY!

Lesley said...

wow that's a good mixtape.

tegaN said...

no you can't download it, it's just for listening one song at a time unfortunately