Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In Defence Of Indie Boys

Normally, I would not take an a attack on "indie boys" as a personal one, because I believe myself to be above such trivial things...fuck it, who are we kidding? I love arguing. Especially when I'm right. Which is all the time. And as the token "Indie Boy" I feel obligated to defend the title, even though I am way to hip to ever really consider myself any such thing.

I frequently use the term postmodern as an adjective, noun and verb. I read T.S. Eliot when I'm depressed and the most labour I have ever done for money is withdraw it from my trust fund personally. I judge merit of character by people's music tastes and only watch films directed by Gus Van Sant. I fit into my sister's jeans (she's a model) and I'm goddamn proud of it.

The cultural revoloution of the 20th Century has given us the freedom to do whatever the fuck we whenever the hell we want to. Society has progressed to the point where the concept of gender roles is deemed trite and irrelevant. Third Wave Feminism and Post Gay culture has heightened emphasis on the discursive power and fundamental ambiguity inherent in gender terms and categories. Women are no longer expected to conform to the rigid standards of conventional beauty, and men no longer have to participate in (homoerotic) body building contests to prove how macho and virle they are.

Patrick Wolf is the posterboy for a whole subculture of men who are tired of the preconceived abstraction of masculinity, and are comfortable enough with their sexuality to wear gold hotpants. He is not so insecure that he can only express him self through base, "traditional" symbols of masculinty (killin' shit), and can instead write a song about his love for another human being without feeling like a "pussy."

But whatever, I don't have time for this. I have a hair appointment at 11, and I still have to find something to wear.




tegaN said...

that was beautifully written.
now let us celebrate with a slideshow of patrick wolf in hot pants images...

asha-niketan said...

Gus Van Sant indeed. So strange that you should mention that. Seriously, I had a dream last night that i won an Academy Award for directing a film and Gus Van Sant was the one who presented it to me. LIKE OH EM GEEE... but then it turned out that my brilliant Oscar statue was actually just a deformed Gold Logie.
So much for dreams..

But i digress: As far as indie boy discussion goes: You Win.

Lesley said...

That was lovely Dillon.

Gabe's One said...

hooray for controversy!

now, just to clear things up, i do know about all that and respect it, etc, i just thought it would be nice to add a different point of view to the mix.

Anonymous said...