Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You feel like you wanna change your life today...

"CSS announce today that bass player Ira Trevisan has left the group for personal reasons. CSS drummer Adriano will take over the bass duties, and live the band will work with a session drummer (a friend of the band) from now on. The band said "It will be feroche!

Talking about her departure from the band Ira said "I decided to move forward and dedicate more of my time to fashion and other projects. Just a big change of priorities, as I will never stop playing music. I am also a bit worried about climate change. People should care more and do something about it. I decided to fly less. CSS will always be in my heart. They said goodbye to their bass player, but they won a new life time fan. In health and sickness, in happiness and so forth. Blah blah blah, so help us God. "

Yeah, that's the actual press release.

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tegaN said...

i read somewhere that jon spencer [i think thats his name] from the cooper temple clause was joining or sumink, random.